We’re almost a month into 2018. Where are you at with your event planning requirements? If any of the below sound familiar, like many, you might need a little help. Remarkable specialises in breaking through the barriers to give you a clear path to a less stressful year ahead. 

“I’m stressed”
Your job is hectic. You have a million things to do. You shouldn’t be worrying about the ins and outs of planning and managing your next event. Remarkable reduces your stress by being transparent, communicative and clued up on your project from the very beginning, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to concentrate on other matters.

“I’ve got no time”
Time is a precious commodity. Time wasted is money down the drain. Remarkable acts as the point person between you and all event partners, be they suppliers, vendors, or your internal team. From venue sourcing and creative concepts, to permit handling and event analysis, we take care of everything, from start to finish. No time? No problem.

“My budget is tight”
We understand that in the current market, every penny counts. We pride ourselves on the quality of our connections and continue to build the most reliable and cost-effective event solution available. To ensure we remain highly competitive, we purposely keep our own overheads low, to pass the savings directly onto you.

“I’ve no idea where to start”
Lucky for you, we do. Remarkable has over 30 years’ experience in event planning and management. Our tried and tested process ensures every single aspect of your project is focused on delivering your results, linked directly to your objectives. Think of us as your internal events department, with none of the overheads.

“I’ve been burned in the past”
We get it. We’ve heard the horror stories too; lack of communication, zero transparency, over-promised, under-delivered. No wonder you’re wary! At Remarkable, our reputation and integrity is everything to us, so we work hard, work smart and continually strive to do our very best for our clients and ourselves. Plus, we’re a dream to work with! (But don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say).

Contact Remarkable today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rikki Webster is Co-founder and Managing Director of Remarkable, a British-run, Dubai-based corporate events and brand experience agency. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results for our valued clients, on time, on brief and on budget.