Remarkable harnesses the power of
live events and brand experiences
to help supercharge your business.
At Remarkable, we don't just "do events." We work with you to develop strategies that engage and protect your company's biggest asset...people. Whether strengthening relationships with your team, ties with your partners, or connections with your clients, we focus on developing events and experiences that achieve your objectives.

Rikki Webster and Victoria Shirran Green are life-long friends, with 30 years combined International experience in the world of events. With a passion for people and perfection they founded Remarkable to deliver outstanding experiences and unforgettable events that boost awareness, promote happiness and create business leaders.


Rikki Webster

Co-founder & Director

With over 15 years International experience in the events and brand marketing world, Rikki has an innate understanding of what it takes to create remarkable moments. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the vital role that face-to-face interaction has in relationship building, both socially and in business, is more important than ever. These shared moments, conversations and experiences build trust and help raise our clients to the highest level.

With a passion for people and a creative flair for detail, Rikki co-founded Remarkable to bring world-class event planning to the Middle East, delivering unforgettable experiences, based on quality, service and integrity.

“There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the ability to make them reality.”


Victoria Shirran Green

Co-founder & Director

With over 15 years experience within the entertainment and performing arts industries world wide, Victoria understands more than anyone the need for precision and exacting standards in wedding planning and production. As a professionally trained dancer, graduating from Italia Conti Performing Arts, one of London’s most well-known theatre schools, Victoria has spent her career performing around the world for leading travel, tourism and performance companies.

Having spent the last eight years living and working in the Middle East entertainment and events industry, Victoria has an in-depth understanding of local customs and requirements. Victoria co-founded Remarkable to bring the highest level of professionalism and creative flair to the Middle East.

“Be that remarkable person who will enlighten the life of another.”