Congratulations…you’re getting married!

Planning the biggest day of your life is an incredibly exciting time. All of the ideas and dreams you’ve had about your big day, can finally be put into motion. While exciting, the prospect of planning everything on time and on budget can be a daunting prospect for some. With a multitude of wedding websites, blogs, Pinterest and so on, today’s brides have a lot of information at their finger tips. But when it comes to turning your wedding dream into your wedding reality, you may want to enlist a bit of help.

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Employing a wedding planner is a great way to ensure your day is delivered to your exact standards, while minimising a lot of the stress. Wedding planners are experts in their field, with the contacts, knowledge and vision to execute your day seamlessly, however choosing the perfect planner is essential. Not all wedding planners are created equal, so we’ve put together a handy list of 8 top tips to help you choose the right planner for you.

1 – Do your homework

Dubai offers a whole host of wedding planning companies and individuals to help deliver your big day. Check out as many websites, blogs, instagram posts, pinterest boards and wedding fairs as you can, to give yourself a good idea of what’s out there. Like wedding cakes, planners come in all shapes and sizes, meaning some offer full service planning, some styling, others supplier sourcing etc.

2 – Figure out what you need

A good place to start is to sit down and figure out what it is you’re looking for in a wedding planner. Are you looking for a few finishing touches? Then perhaps you’re simply looking for a wedding stylist to bring a bit of sparkle. Happy with simple wedding decoration, but looking for help with catering? Maybe working with the in-house events team at your chosen venue is all that’s required. Really busy and need help with everything, from venue selection and catering, to invitations, flowers, styling, cars and entertainment? Then a full-service wedding planners is likely your best option. Depending on what you want for your big day and the time/budget available, there’s a solution for everyone. Best to know exactly what you want before you start contacting people, that way you’re in control and the wedding planner can help you to create the picture that’s in your head.

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3 – Trust your gut

Doing your research is of course vital, but when it comes to choosing the right planner for you, make sure you trust your instincts as well as the information. Always make sure you meet your planner face to face, to get a feel for not only their services, but them as a person. If you connect with someone and they understand your vision, then it’s probably a good fit. The person or company you choose is going to be part of your life throughout the planning process and your go-to-guy (or girl) on the day itself, so make sure you can work together…and have fun doing it. Remember, planning your big day is supposed to be fun, so choose someone who will go on the journey with you, and make it the enjoyable experience it’s supposed to be!

4 – Be specific in your requests and vision

Like most brides, you’ve probably been planning your big day since you were a little girl. The dress. The venue. The groom! To ensure your chosen wedding planner understands exactly what it is you’re looking to create, make sure you’re really specific in your requests. Share your vision with them. Draw them pictures, share pinterest boards, cut out fabric samples, whatever it is you need in order to build a picture of your perfect day. The more information you share with your wedding planner, the more likely it will be exactly what you envisioned on the big day. Also, if you’re specific in your requests, it’s a huge help to the planner, as it helps them narrow down options and suppliers, ultimately saving you both time and money in the long run.

5 – Set deadlines

Once selected, your wedding planner will create a schedule of activity, working back from your big day, to ensure all elements are delivered on time. This is an essential part of the planning process, to keep things on track. Make sure your planner shares this schedule with you. It’s a big de-stresser for brides, as it can act as a tick sheet for your big day, so you can see, at a glance that things are progressing as they should be, leaving you to concentrate on other important things…like enjoying your bachelorette party and planning your honeymoon!

6 – Communicate regularly and openly

This is a big one. You and your planner should have regular communication throughout the process. Whether it’s a scheduled monthly or weekly call, regular email updates, or sharing ideas, images or thoughts via WhatsApp, speak to each other regularly. If something’s bothering you, tell them. If you’ve changed your mind on a particular element, tell them (sooner rather than later). If you’re excited about something you saw in a magazine or online, share it with them. The more you communicate regularly and openly with your wedding planner, the more you will get out of the relationship.

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7 – Let them do their job

You’ve hired a professional wedding planner for a reason. Don’t stress about the details, trust in your wedding planner’s talent, knowledge and creativity to deliver your vision. Dubai wedding planners are some of the best in the business, leading the world in terms of trends, styling and truly remarkable weddings. If you follow the tips above, you can’t go far wrong.

8 – Relax and enjoy your big day

All the planning is done. Your hair is perfect, make up flawless, and your dress fits perfectly. Your groom (and guests) are waiting. Probably the best tip we can give any bride is to relax, take it all in, have fun and enjoy the best day of your life. One thing we always try to incorporate into any of our weddings, is a time for the bride and groom to be alone, away from guests, to take in what’s happening around them. If only for five minutes. You and your wedding planner have likely spent months planning this day. It will go by in the blink of an eye. Take time to sit with your husband (how great does that sound? HUSBAND!) and toast the beginning of your new life together, before heading back to your guests and continuing the party!

We hope you’ve found these 8 top tips for selecting the perfect wedding planner useful. There are so many more we can share, but if you’re looking for a wedding planner in Dubai or the UAE, this list is a good starting point to begin planning your wedding. Congratulations on your engagement, and we wish you all the very best for your big day!


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